About Us


Abe Loven creates a wide variety of video content that markets North Carolina agriculture. He produces videos for several series, including At the Farmers Market, Stove Side Chats, distillery spotlights, and the new Grown. Raised. Caught. Made. series. He also makes videos for the Mountain State Fair, WNC Farmers Market, NC Coalition for Global Competitiveness, and other organizations and events sponsored by the Department of Agriculture.

Prior to joining the NCDA, Abe earned his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He focused his studies on photojournalism and documentary filmmaking and was selected to represent UNC at the Hearst Journalism Awards in 2021. He spent two years working as a photojournalist at The Daily Tar Heel and worked as a sports photographer with UNC Athletics. Previously, he had also worked as a documentary filmmaker for the UNC Institute of Marine Science and a marketing videographer for the 1893 Brand Studio.