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North Carolina is the third most diversified agriculture state with more than 150 commodities. From the Atlantic Ocean to productive regions of the coastal plain, rolling fields of the Piedmont and the ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina produces top-ranking commodities among U.S. agriculture including lumber, sweet potatoes, tobacco, poultry & eggs, hogs, Christmas Trees, trout, turkeys, soybeans, etc. Six famous foods born in NC are Pepsi, Cheerwine, Mt. Olive Pickles, Krispy Kreme, Texas Pete Hot Sauce and Bojangles Chicken & Biscuits.

North Carolina Ports offers two excellent port locations, Wilmington and Morehead City, both offer extensive warehousing and open storage. Both ports provide easy access to interstate highways and major railroads. 

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North Carolina harvests some of the finest fish and
shellfish available anywhere in the world. North
Carolina’s seafood industry is compiled of over 80 different species, including catfish, oysters and shrimp. We are
ranked fifth in the nation for catfish production and are
home to one of the few places that raise soft shell crab.


North Carolina is home to a wide variety of beer, wine and spirits. North Carolina has the largest number of breweries in the American South ranging in style from IPA, pale ale, stout, porter or sour. North Carolina also has over 180 wineries. North Carolina’s heritage product, moonshine, dates back to the 1920s. Today is is legally distilled and uses North Carolina product. 

Christmas Trees

The most popular variety of Christmas Tree grown in North Carolina is the Fraser Fir. North Carolina ranks #2 in Christmas tree production with the majority of trees grown in the western region of the state. Popular international markets for North Carolina Christmas trees include Canada and the Caribbean.


Cotton is a leading cash crop for the United States. North Carolina, as a part of the Cotton Belt, is a top 10 producing state with a rich history of cotton production.

Forest products

North Carolina is an international leader in the forestry products industry, providing stable and sustainable markets for timber, lumber, veneer, plywood, chips, pellets, wood pulp and paper products. North Carolina ranks eighth*(2022) in the nation in wood product exports, with top commercially available species such as yellow poplar, red oak, white oak, Southern yellow pine and Ash.

Fruits and vegetables

North Carolina produces  21 major fruit and vegetable crops including watermelons, greens, white potatoes, strawberries, blueberries, muscadine grapes and more. 
North Carolina is number one in sweet potato production
in the United States. The state’s hot, moist climate and rich,
fertile soil are ideal for cultivating sweet potatoes, averaging
nearly half of the US supply.

meat and meat products


North Carolina ranks second in the nation for
pork production with an industry that strives to be
environmentally sustainable, to provide advanced safety, and
to be an asset to research in a variety of other fields.


Poultry is North Carolina’s number one agricultural
industry with over 5,700 farm families that produce poultry
and eggs. NC is ranked second nationally for poultry


Processed Foods

North Carolina is home to hundreds of specialty
foods, from sauces to cookies, toffees, candies, truffles,
cheese straws, snack foods, seasonings, juices, drinks, and


Nearly 80% of flue-cured tobacco is grown in North Carolina thanks to the state’s soil and climate that produce the richest most flavorful leaf in the world. Our growers have a strong commitment to producing tobacco with a focus on quality, integrity and sustainability. 

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