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Biltmore Estate Wine Co.

In addition to being America’s Largest Home®, Biltmore also features a state-of-the-art working winery.

Explore the history and thinking behind Biltmore‘s world-class winery, starting with George Vanderbilt’s grandson William Cecil and his involvement in planting the first vines. Then, get to know our vineyards and winemaker firsthand.

Preservation and environmental stewardship are a priority on the estate today, in large part thanks to George Vanderbilt and his dedication to the land.

There are other distinctions that set Biltmore’s Winery apart, such as the fact that our winemaker crafts both still and sparkling wines here. It’s unusual to offer both—most wineries specialize in one or the other—but Biltmore has a long history of doing the unexpected.

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