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Opening in 2012, Brothers Vilgalys was the first distillery in Durham, and Krupnikas is one of six spirits the company produces. Its wonderful line of flavor-forward liqueurs — Zaphod, Beebop, Beatnik and Jabberwock — are 60 proof, sweetened with raw cane sugar and flavored with whole botanicals, herbs and spices.

The spiced honey liqueur was created by Benedictine monks in the 1500s but quickly became a favorite of nobility in Lithuania and Poland. As immigrants from that region came to the United States, the family recipes for making Krupnikas on their stovetops came with them. Vilgalys began making his version in much the same way, with the goal of being enjoyed by his family and friends. However, once they began requesting more bottles, he knew he was on to something larger.

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