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Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery (The)

Welcome to the Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery

We are a small packaging microbrewery located in Farmville, North Carolina. We sold our first beer in August of 2004. We specialize in beautiful, delicious, full flavored dark beers. When we brew, we’re happy and we dance. During fermentation, we sing softly to the yeast. Please try our beer and enjoy a taste of contentment!

The Dark Beer Specialist

There are lots of great beer styles Duck-Rabbit doesn’t brew.  Instead, it focuses on dark beers: a set of styles that had been under-represented in the beer market.  There is an enormous range of flavor possibilities in dark beers – something for every beer fan!  The hope is that this specialization can help to set The Duck-Rabbit apart from other breweries.

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Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery (The)
4519 West Pine St
Farmville, NC 27828
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