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Raleigh Reclaimed

Our business began by reclaiming wood from old structures. As we learned more about what was happening to many large trees in our area, our business evolved to include reclaiming life for freshly sawn or fallen trees that would otherwise be left to rot or end up in landfills. We began conversations with local sawmills and sawyers in our community and found that many large specialty trees were ending up at their facility to rot or being turned into mulch. Some of these trees were too big to be cut on production lines, or the logs were not a species of wood milled or sold by most production sawmills in the area. Even though these trees were freshly sawn and not what we consider “reclaimed” material, we feel like we are reclaiming life for them.

We also salvage and repurpose large trees from local homeowners and businesses that experience fallen trees during storms, or trees that need to be removed due to age. These logs will one day become feature pieces for homes and businesses.

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Forest Products

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Slabs, logs, lumbers

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Mrs. Melody Ray
(919) 395-4548
2101 Harrod Street
Raleigh, NC 27604
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