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Twisted Hickory Lumber & Tie, LLC

A Sawmill takes responsibility for cutting, sorting and processing raw logs into lumber and timber products of various sizes. Here at Twisted Hickory Lumber & Tie we take the utmost pride in producing the highest quality products we supply to the market place. This is made possible by the most modern equipment in the industry that is computerized and all technology to ensure precise processing of any lumber and timber we produce. However, the true success of Twisted Hickory & Tie comes with the Team Members that operate the Sawmill on a daily basis.

What sets Twisted Hickory Lumber & Tie to the highest ranks in the Sawmill industry is the team members employed to ensure the success of the company. The experience by each and every team member is unmatched in the industry today. The team’s combined experience is over a hundred years in sawmill operations. This includes both Sawmills that are run manually and equally trained in the most current computer technology. Every team member is cross-trained to do all operations that are required of a Sawmill. We invest in our Team members to ensure they produce the highest quality product for our customer’s needs.

The management team at Twisted Hickory Lumber & Tie is likewise experienced in Sawmill operations. The Senior Management Team which makes up the President, Vice President, and Director of Operations are also the owners of Twisted Hickory Lumber & tie. They have a vested interest in the success of the company as well as the Team Members. Each and every Senior Manager is involved in the daily operations and brings years of experience in the business realm to ensure success. The experience incorporates in-depth knowledge of the Sawmill, accounting procedures, business practices, human resources, exporting, log purchasing, and most important CUSTOMER SERVICE! Without our current customers and the new potential customers, we will not be successful. Our customers our are business and we support them and their needs to the fullest extent.

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