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Forest Products

hardwood lumber including including Ash, Red Oak, White Oak, Tulipwood/Yellow Poplar, Cherry, Walnut, Soft and Hard Maple, Sapgum and Hickory
Hardwood veneer/plywood
Lumber, Cants, Mulch, Sawdust
Poplar Bark Siding and Shingles. Bark Veneer, Bark Wall Covering
Softwood Lumber, Hardwood Lumber
White Ash Basswood Northern Cherry Yellow Poplar (Tulipwood) Red Oak White Oak Walnut Mixed Hardwoods, 4/4 - 8/4 thicknesses, with additional Poplar offerings in 10/4 ,12/4, and 16/4
Forest Products
Dimensional Lumber, logs, Mulch, Chip, Sawdust
Hardwood Veneer & Plywood
SYP and hardwood logs and pulp logs
Southern Yellow Pine lumber in dimension and timbers • Plywood and panels • Re-sawn lumber • pattern stock (i.e. shiplap)• Decking boards pine flooring ( & heart pine) • Pallet material • Custom milling
Mulch, Soil Conditioner, Sawdust, Hardwood Chips
Logs, Lumber, Square Logs
Softwood/Hardwood Lumber, Furniture Parts
Lumber, White Cedar, Cypress
Southern Yellow Pine Logs
Hardwood Lumber, Hardwood Logs
Logs, Firewood, Railroad ties, Poles and etc.
Southern Yellow Pine Logs
Softwood Lumber, Hardwood Lumber
Softwood Lumber and Chips
We manufacture a variety of hardwood lumber products including poplar, white oak, soft maple, and cherry, all sourced from the Appalachian hardwood lumber region. All of our hardwood lumber is kiln-dried using industry leading-equipment and methods.
Green Lumber, Kiln Dried Lumber (KD Lumber), Cants and byproducts of Bark, Chips and Saw Dust.
Hardwood Lumber
Softwood Lumber, Hardwood Lumber
Softwood Lumber, Hardwood Lumber
Slabs, logs, lumbers
Hardwoods and Southern Yellow Pine lumbers
Ash, Red Oak, White Oak, Hickory, Walnut, Maple, Poplar, Tupelo, and other hardwoods
Softwood Lumber and Chips, Hardwood Lumber
Softwood Lumber, Hardwood Lumber, Hardwood Logs
Southern Yellow Pine Logs
4/4 Through 12/4 thickness: Ash Cherry Hard Maple Soft Maple (WHND-WHAD) Poplar White Oak Red Oak Mix Hardwoods